**Peeks head in and looks around**

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been nearly a month since my last blog post.  FOR SHAME!  Where has the time gone?  How is it already nearly the middle of March?  2014 is shaping up to be one crazy, fun, and eventful year.  I have so many big things to share!  And a few really incredible projects in the works.  It’s an incredibly wonderful feeling to know that my brides and clients this year are seriously the best and to have a plate full of inspiring, personal work to tackle on the side.  Really, for any of you that are still around (Mom?), thank you.  Thank you for your support, your comments and your emails.  I’m still here, I promise!

So, back to business.

There are some times that I leave a shoot, and it takes everything in me to not run screaming and fist pumping from my client’s house all the way to my computer. There are some sessions that I can just feel that the images we created and captured are just that exciting. There is a euphoric anxiety that just continues from shot to shot and pose to pose.  This shoot was DEFINITELY one of those exiting ones.

Jess is a long time friend, the creative genius behind my branding, and an all around sweet mother to be. (With baby #4!) She was incredibly sweet to let me dress her up, throw flowers in her hair and then prance her around her house. Thank you Jess for being open to all of my crazy ideas!

Flower crown by The Petal Company

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To book a session with Meg, please email hello@megsexton.com

Since it’s Valentines Day, and everyone around me is filled with love and candy, it seems only fitting that this ridiculously cute wedding make it on the blog today.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to shoot Cory and Andrea’s wedding.  These two just seem like the funniest, nicest, most entertaining couple out there! (I’m not kidding when I say I want to be friends with most of my clients.  I really and truly think a night out with these two would be a hoot and a half.)  Andrea clearly chose customs and details that meant a lot to them, and as a result their wedding was one of the most genuine I’ve seen.

Thank you, thank you for letting me be a part of your magical day.  I wish you two much love and happiness!

Cory + Andrea | September 28, 2013
Piedmont Community Hall, Oakland


Venue: Piedmont Community Hall \ Caterer: Just Catering \ Dress: White by Vera Wang \ Makeup: Thang Dao \ Hair: Danielle Casa \ Flowers: Three Sisters Flowers \ Coordinator: Wedding Day Hostess \ Groom’s Attire: The Mens Warehouse \ Assistant: Sunshine Lane Photography

I’m am beyond excited to have one of my favorite weddings featured last month on the ridiculously stylish Wedding Chicks Website. Wedding Chicks curates some of the most beautiful, stylish wedding images from around the web and showcases them for a daily dose of wedding eye candy. I’m so thrilled to have my images included.

To see all of Ryan and Karen’s outdoor winery wedding, click here!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to photograph Meg Perotti and her ridiculously cute family.  Late last fall, she returned the favor and took some wonderful images of me and the crazies in my life. I hardly ever share my personal photos here, but I just couldn’t resist! Thank you Meg, for the wonderful images.  I’ll cherish them always.

Here’s a small glimpse into what my life looks like!  I just can’t get enough of these three.

Imags from Meg Perotti

When I met Lauren a few years ago, it was as her wedding photographer. She completely blew me away when she told me that at 26, while planning her gorgeous wedding, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t expect vibrant, young woman to be the ones diagnosed with Cancer. But what is even more amazing that her successful battle with the disease, is her determination to help other woman facing the same diagnoses. From the first time we talked about her cancer she was focused on starting a place where younger women could gather together to research, vent and offer support. It was an inspiring dream. And now, it’s a reality.

It was such an honor to capture these photos of her and her wonderful husband. I’m always thrilled to see my past brides in front of my camera again, but it was extra special to be able to congratulate her on such a successful community launch!

Please, take a moment and visit her site, The Daily Debut!

To book a session with Meg, please email hello@megsexton.com

A few weeks ago, I posted some samples of my absolutely gorgeous wedding books. I can’t stress enough how important I think albums are for every couple. Your wedding day will go by so quickly, and while the photos will last forever, they simply aren’t meant to simply sit on your computer, or on a disc in your closet! They should be looked at, touched, and enjoyed – and more often than once a year on your anniversary! And while sharing on social media is a great way to share your images with friends and family, a book truly brings your wedding day back to life.

For the first time ever, I’m offering a free book to every 2014 wedding client that books before January 31st. You can choose to archive your engagement session to be used as a guestbook on your wedding day, or you can receive a 4×4″ mini album perfect for post wedding parent gifts.

This is not something you want to miss. Email me (hello@megsexton.com) for more information about my wedding collections!

I was incredibly honored yesterday to have my work featured yet again on the On to Baby blog!  (It’s really one of my all time favorite baby, child, and family blogs!)  If you haven’t checked out the lovely work that graces their pages, please do yourself a favor and head on over.

But I realized, as I was excitedly emailing Meg to tell her that her gorgeous family was famous, that I’d never shared the pictures here on my own blog! Between the holiday craziness and my week of favorites, they simply got buried. For shame!

Spending the evening with Meg and her family was truly a delight. It was the first time I’ve actually shot a one year session, ON a first birthday. There is just something magical about birthdays and I was honored to share E’s 365th day with her family. Thank you Meg for letting me tag along.